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Helena Meadows - MSc Psychology, DipHyp
Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is hypnosis?
A: There are different theories regarding the definition of hypnosis and whether this is a level of relaxation or a specific state of mind and correspondent to particular type/area of brainwaves. Independently of its neuro-scientific definition, psychological studies tend to notice a state of more permeability of the conscious mechanisms.

Q: What does it feel like to be hypnotised? Will I lose control of what I do or say?
A: Hypnosis is a very individual and subjective experience and can vary in degree of depth, enjoyment and efficiency. Within the same person it can also differ each time it is experienced.
The feelings experienced are usually synchronised with the purpose of the use: whether the suggestion is to relax, to access past experiences or to imagine a new challenge, the feelings will normally be consistent with each of these examples.

Q: How does hypnosis work?
A: Hypnosis can offer a more direct access to the subconscious mind, memories and resources. These can offer understanding and also resources to manage undesired levels of symptoms.

Q: Can I be hypnotised?
A: There are scales of hypnotizability; statistics results show a curve where most people (in the middle) are capable of experiencing hypnosis with fringes on the left of no/very low susceptibility and on the right, with high/very high susceptibility.
Normally my clients enjoy the experience and usually, when consulting a hypnotherapist, they are receptive to this approach; rarely, they may feel in an extreme emotional state that makes it more difficult to relax; in those situations we may opt for a different technique.

Q: How deep is hypnosis? Will I remember anything?
A: There are different depths of hypnosis, which may range from a light relaxation with eyes open, to a deep state of anaesthesia, used in medical and dental surgery.
In hypnotherapy we normally use a light to medium depth, which most people will remember at the end of the session, even if not entirely. This can vary from one individual to another and often from one session to another.

Q: What if Hypnosis doesn't work with me?
A: Hypnosis is only one of the possible psychotherapy techniques that can be used; a different technique can be used alternately or exclusively.

Q: How long is the session? How many sessions will I need?
A: Each session usually lasts 1 hour.
The number of sessions is difficult to predict as it largely depends on individual styles and pace, the nature of the issue and so on.

Q: How much do you charge and what happens if I want to stop?
A: My initial consultation is free of charge.
After this, my standard fee is £70 per session.
A deposit of £70 may also be asked at the start of therapy and will moved forward to cover the last session. It may also be used to cover missed sessions, if short (less than 24 hour) or no notice was given. In this case, a new deposit of £60 may be required.

Q: What should I consider, before choosing my therapist?
A: I understand that when choosing a therapist, many factors will come to account and not always based on objective qualifications and previous experience. A feeling of understanding, acceptance and encouragement may be necessary.
This is a very individual choice and to help with this decision I offer a free initial consultation.
I would also suggest that when searching for a therapist, clients verify the therapist's affiliations with credible governing bodies and their Code of Ethics.

Q: Will my information be shared with other entities?
A: I work with my clients on a confidential basis, according to the regulations established by GDPR. Unless otherwise required by law, my clients personal and clinical details will not be shared with third parties unless they require and/or agree to all or partial disclosure.
I am registered with the ICO and authorised to hold personal data – registration ref. ZA351146.