Online Therapy

Important Considerations for Online Therapy

Online therapy could help you effectively achieve your therapeutic goals; it is important however that we recognise the differences between face-to-face and online therapy and with the various advantages and limitations of the latter’s specific format.

Having undergone specific training at masters level to practice therapy online, I must alert my clients to the particular challenges of this format, in order to ensure a legal, safe and ethical framework where we can explore and grow with confidence.

It is important to read and appreciate the following considerations before establishing our online therapeutic relationship:

  1. Identification: You can verify my qualifications, accreditations and ID via my website. Further details can be supplied and I will introduce myself in more detail during our therapy. Please do not feel offended if I ask for proof of your ID as this is to protect us both. A Letter of Engagement will be sent to you under separate cover. This needs to be read, understood, signed and returned to me before therapy can start.
  2. Sessions – Online sessions are conducted on Zoom, which is considered one of the safest online platforms, recommended by my professional insurers and most used in therapy. 15 minutes prior to the start of each session, I will email to you a link and login details for the session. If you do not find my email please check your junk box; if you still have problem finding it please call me or message. If you already have Zoom installed in your devices you can just join a meeting using the details. You can login at any time after you receive the details but I will only start the session at our agreed start time. Each session will last 50 minutes.
  3. Payment – As with face-to-face therapy, payment for the session can be made by bank transfer or by debit card at the end of each session; for further information on payments please refer to our Letter of Engagement.
  4. Security and Confidentiality – This is of paramount importance. Before each session I would advise you to carefully consider: Closing all internet browsers on the device you are using for our session and move all other devices away from the immediate vicinity. You arrange each session in a private room, behind closed doors, alone and without interruptions. Please consider using a headset and give some attention to the position of your screen and the possibility of being seen by others through a window. Although it is acceptable to have pet with you in the room, please bear in mind they may be distracting to both of us.
  5. Internet Connection - If our internet connection is lost, I will try immediately to re-establish contact and email you with new details; if I am unable to establish this within 10 minutes, I will contact you to rearrange this session.
  6. Presentation – As in face-to-face, I expect you to dress appropriately; also that you consider noise, position of the camera and lighting in your room.
  7. Cancellations - If you are unable to attend a session online please give me a minimum of 24h notice (fees for late cancellation could apply as per the terms of our engagement); if you need to interrupt an ongoing session, payment for the full session is required.
  8. Exceptions to Online Therapy: Some cases may not be suitable for online therapy; risk assessment scales may be used in particular cases and this is to ensure your safety in the therapy process. Please help me in assessing your particular situation by volunteering any information you may consider relevant for your therapy.
  9. Emergencies - In the unlikely circumstances of a crisis, I may need to contact somebody else who is with you in the house, or the emergency services. It is important that you supply me with a landline phone number and contact details for your local emergency services. Alternatively, I could call or
  10. Other - Please feel free to raise with me any further questions you may have or to share with me information you believe is important at any point of our therapeutic relationship.

This form is not to replace but should accompany our Letter of Engagement and GDPR form; we will also complete a registration form with your personal information during our first session.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Helena Meadows

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