Helena Meadows

Helena Meadows - MSc, DipHyp


Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy


Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society and The National Society of Talking Therapies and regulated by their Code of Ethics

Helena Meadows

I qualified as a psychologist in the 1980's, specialising in Social Psychology, Systemic Therapies and Therapy of Organisations.
My education covered the different studies, theories and understandings of the mind; how the mind grows and develops with age, and how to motivate, measure and recruit for particular roles; I also learned how to educate and school the human mind and the contribution of different factors such as genetics, environment, experiences and individual understanding.
I learned also about past and current therapeutic theories and techniques to help manage the individual's psychological processes when necessary.
I read many books and listened to many most worthwhile presentations – and ultimately felt I was then prepared to become a psychotherapist.
It was only when I started listening to people that I felt I was becoming a psychotherapist: I felt with my clients the intensity of their emotions, the suffering and also the resilience; I learned about their individual and unique mental flexibility and originality in dealing with their issues.
I learned about trust, empathy and the courage it takes to seek help. Having undertaken my own therapy as part of my training, I experienced what is like to expose deep, often discreditable feelings – and to someone I had never met before.
Psychology is also an area where much has evolved both in the areas of technology and understanding of mental mechanisms.
Challenges and lifestyles have changed dramatically in the last few years and this is a fascinating period for someone working in this area.
I enjoy new challenges and learning new approaches and techniques in therapy; but I mostly enjoy helping people in my practice and I feel very privileged that my clients share with me their internal world and let me help them find what they seek.


Member of the National Society of Talking Therapies Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society